Lars Klasmark

Interim Manager from Denint Consulting

Via Denint Consulting I offer myself as an interim manager, with the CFO role as a starting point. That means filling temporary gaps in the organization, both planned and those which appears with short notice. It is important to be able to make a difference already from the start, and that is one of my skills because of my extensive experience from both employed manager roles as well as different interim manager roles. I will work and contribute based on the existing need that occurs, it can mean a CFO or a financial manager, but also a controller or accounting manager. The important part is that you can adapt to the required need and are able to, as soon as possible, deliver result. Interim Manager can also mean different type of special assignment, for example different valuations or investigations within the finance area or function closely connected to finance

Business experiences

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  • Client
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Interim CFO

feb 2017 - dec 2017

One of Europe's leading supplier of wild food - Berries and Game/Meat

  • Restructuring
  • Cash management during limitations
  • Inventory optimization
  • Financial control
  • Bank covenant planning
  • Investor reporting
  • Impairment test

Interim Financial Consultant

sep 2016 - dec 2016

A pan-Nordic private equity firm focused on creating long term value through real estate and real estate anchored businesses.

  • Support to CFO for the management company
  • Development management reporting
  • Also, support to fund CFO
  • Part of internal auditing project
  • Company policies in line with AIFM regulations
  • Private equity related projects

Interim Financial Controller

nov 2013 - apr 2016

One of Europe's leading supplier of wild food - Berries and Game/Meat

  • Restructuring
  • Cash management during limitations
  • Inventory optimization
  • Financial control
  • Bank covenant planning
  • Investor reporting
  • Impairment test

Interim CFO

nov 2012 - okt 2013

A company for facility service and management. In Sweden mainly a cleaning company

  • Manage, change and restructuring the finance department
  • Operate turn-around project
  • Change of processes
  • Increase financial analysis and support to business managers
  • Develop internal reporting

Interim Financial Controller

nov 2011 - nov 2012

A leading private equity real estate firm in Northern Europe with real estate assets under management.

  • Reporting for the management company
  • Internal control
  • Calls and distributions of capital
  • Participating in change of group reporting system

Interim CFO

jan 2011 - sep 2011

A large company within private health care, offering primary care and specialist care.

  • Centralize the controller department
  • Integration of accounting
  • Develop reporting internal, to parent company as well as to private equity owners
  • Testing efficiency in internal control
  • Established changes to strengthen internal control

Franchise Owner

okt 2010 - jan 2011

  • Owner of and establishing a Subway restaurant (fast food) on franchise basis
  • Establishing routines, scheduling and working procedures to manage through a manager
  • Focused on manage through a manager, marketing, customer increase, staff training and staff career planning
  • The business is sold as of January 2014

Interim Financial Controller

aug 2010 - okt 2010

  • Support to CFO in relation to a changing competitive pharmacy market
  • Focus on report adjustments, changed demand of services and readiness for constant changes

Financial Consultant

may 2010 - jun 2010

  • Investment analysis in amusement industry, and investor presentations
  • Calculating for new investments based on estimates and comparisons to existing business

Interim Head of Control

aug 2009 - jun 2010

A large internal it-department within retail, covering the whole chain from storage to customer.

  • Pricing IT-services, in customer driven development in parallel with high demand on availability
  • Developing reporting and kpi both internal and to customers
  • Establishing control of all it-cost, and implementing responsibility and authority
  • Increase and manage business control within the organization

Interim Financial Manager

feb 2008 - aug 2009

A company in IT-developing within retail.

  • Project finance reporting
  • Financial calculations of alternatives and expected outcomes and the financial effect of a transformation
  • Participating in disposal/outsourcing of the department

Interim CFO

may 2007 - dec 2007

A lift truck company offering customer driven production and maintenance services.

  • CFO and IT manager
  • Focus on profitability both actual and visibility of profitability
  • Routine changes and rationalisations
  • Improving reporting and forecasting to the owners and financiers

Interim CFO

mar 2006 - may 2007

in a listed company within IT- infrastructure and IT-services.

  • Restructuring of the company and decreasing organization
  • Centralising and restructuring the finance function
  • Focus on financial control of and total review of all business areas
  • Adjustment of the organisation and disposal of activities and business areas


Nov 1991 - Feb 2006

A listed Nordic group within card and printing industy with a net sale of SEK 1 billion.

  • Several roles, CFO/controller
  • CFO in manufacturing companies
  • Group controller and consolidation
  • Acqquisitions and Due Diligence
  • Leverage on Nordic culture
  • Nordic financial services
  • Establish business outside Nordic
  • Union negotiations and labor court


  • 2018UiPath

    RPA Developer Foundation, RPA Automation
  • 2016 - 2017Novare Leadership Academy

    Cheetah - Disruptive Innovation Programe
  • 1997 - 1998IFL Swedish Institute of Management

    Integrated management, Management education
  • 1986 - 1988Stockholm University

    BSc, BSc in Business Administration and Accounting
  • 1984 - 1985Swedish Military

    Navy, non-commissioned officer.