maj 13, 2018
maj 13, 2018


Company size, turnover or similar
  • Small 0-5 Meur
  • Medium 5-100 Meur
My experiences are in managing teams, coaching and changes within teams.

My assignments have been in several businesses, but my speciality is managing a finance department, which also can be seen as a separate business.

The main responsibility for me is to manage the team/organization that I have been assigned. I am focused in making my team work efficient and on defined and decided topics. Establish a communication to encourage development of the team. What changes are needed to do and why. Are we sure how other departments think about us? Are we known for our services and professional work? I have experience in changing/rebuilding processes to increase efficiency or change focus. I have centralized functions as well as made some service local to increase the local knowledge and/or connection to local business. I am also trying to make every person grow in some way, with the goal to be more attractive on the market and/or develop as a person.