maj 13, 2018
Business development and strategy
maj 13, 2018


Company size, turnover or similar
  • Small 0-5 Meur
  • Medium 5-100 Meur
  • Large 100- Meur not group accounting and consolidation
My experiences are in both financial and business controlling, developing reporting to support business.

My assignments have been in several businesses, for example pharmacy, internal IT, retail, private equity owned businesses and real estate.

I have worked as both financial controller and business controller. My controller assignment has been focused on achieving reliable control/reports. To develop reporting, I have tried to increase business supporting reports. For example, if margin development is important – do we know (week by week if needed) if we have activities to achieve margin increasing sales? To develop dash boards for KPI reporting it is important to try to define what kind of KPI is necessary to support the development we want to see. That means that it sometimes is important to start reporting according to what is developed to avoid any gap in reporting – along with development of additional KPI. I am used to focus on the decided reports to follow up on the development of figures, to try to thereafter focus on consequence of the actual figures. Reporting shall also try to predict the development instead of only telling the obvious actual figures.

As business controller I have done several investment analyses. In those it is important to know and understand what is driving the calculation or the selection.

As financial controller I know my accounting, I know the importance of reconciling and proper documentation. For smaller and medium business, I have high experience from group consolidation, and have also participated in implementing consolidation systems.
Reporting to different type of owners require understanding of different needs. For example can reporting to PE-owners differs from family owned companies – I know both.

I have also been head of reporting, organizing the total controlling team.