maj 13, 2018
Interim manager
maj 13, 2018

Business development and strategy

Company size, turnover or similar
  • Small 0-5 Meur
  • Medium 5-100 Meur
  • Large 100- Meur not strategy in really large companies
My experiences are taking active part in developing the new business and/or strategy and then also translate that into kpi/figures/areas for focus.

My assignments have been in card industry, facility service, customer service, printing and food industry.

My experience is highly connected to the budget process, which normally is initiated by a business and/or strategy discussion. I am used to prepare the strategy discussion with supporting documentation from the existing business. My focus is to see that the different parts or details are within the framework that the strategy shall point out. When a change in strategy is decided, the preparation for follow up is needed to not be surprised that the follow is needed already from the start of the change.